Step 1 - Sign up

Sign up and get involved

This stage involves taking stock of existing organisational policies and practices against seven building blocks which need to be in place to create a workplace environment inclusive of mental health, free from stigma and discrimination. You can find the building blocks in our workplace Self Assessment Tool, linked below.

Step 1 checklist

  • The first step is ensuring that you have senior management commitment to engage with the Programme.

  • Check our online cost calculator and see how much your organisation could save.

  • At this stage register with us (below) and we will send you a link to complete a short survey which will provide us with a profile of your organisation.

  • Once we have the profile of your organisation, we will send you an easy to complete survey for staff, covering attitudes and experience of employees in relation to mental health in work.

  • After the staff survey is complete will will analyse the results and send you a report.  This will include a traffic light system highlighting where you are performing well and indicate where improvements could be made, to help you prioritise your action plan.

  •  Involve staff and consult on the development of a realistic action plan.

Making the business case

A guide to making the legal, moral and business case to your employer

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