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It can be difficult for deaf people or those with hearing impairments to access valuable mental health services and information so we've partnered with Deaf Scotland to make our content accessible to all. 



Making See Me More Accessible to All 

Mental health issues can affect us all, but it can be difficult for people with visual or hearing impairments to access valuable mental health services and information. 

Recently we launched a new accessibility tool on our website to ensure that our moment for change is accessible to everyone. As part of this work we've also partnered with Deaf Scotland to launch a series of accessible video clips in British Sign Language (BSL), introducing some key information about our work to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. 

Stigma and Discrimination in the Deaf Community 

The prevalence of mental health issues is four times higher for deaf people than the hearing community because of issues like isolation, social exclusion, discrimination and stigma caused by deafness and communication barriers.

Every day we share the message that a big part of tackling mental health stigma and discrimination is talking, but often many people, particularly those in the deaf community, are excluded from the conversation.

Because those in the deaf community face higher incidences of poor mental health it's really important to make sure that they are part of the efforts to ensure that we can all enjoy good mental health and lead fulfilling lives free from stigma and discrimination. 

Working with Deaf Scotland 

To help tackle this we partnered with Deaf Scotland, Deaf Links and ITV Signpost who have released a series of awareness videos in BSL to encourage deaf people to speak about how they are feeling and seek support when they’re struggling with their mental health. It's hoped that these videos will breakdown the stigma of mental health issues and encourage deaf people to talk to others.

Out of My Head

It's Good to Talk 

Mental Health - Overarching Explanation 

The Faces of Mental Health

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